At a glance

Key Facts

  • World's leading primary silver producer and one of Mexico's largest gold producers
  • Est. 2008, following restructuring of Peñoles separating precious metals business into the Fresnillo Group
  • Headquartered in Mexico City; core operations in Mexico, Investor Relations London
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange (FRES:LSE) and Mexican Stock Exchange (FRES:BMV)
  • Seven operating mines1, two development and four exploration
  • Chairman: Alberto Baillères; CEO: Octavio Alvídrez; CFO: Mario Arreguín

    1Operations at Soledad-Dipolos currently suspended
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Financial Performance

Total attributable silver production incl. Silverstream (Moz) 58.7 53.0 47.0 45.0 43.0 41.0 41.9 42.1 41.3 34.8
Attributable Gold Production (koz) 911.1 935.5 761.7 596.0 425.8 473.0 448.9 369.0 276.6 263.6
EBITDA (in millions of US$) 1,060.1 1,032.0 547.5 567.3 729.8 1,315.3 1,538.5 945.0 496.6 337.4
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital (millions of US$) 1,073.7 1,023.3 537.3 568.5 750.2 1,356.7 1,612.1 983.6  548.8 405.8

Precious Metals Position

Our business spans the exploration, development and construction, extraction and beneficiation phases of the precious metals value chain. We focus on high potential projects that can be developed into low-cost, world-class mines. Our history is based on a strong and long tradition of mining with a proven track record of mine development, reserve replacement and production costs, including lowest quartile of the cost curve for silver. 

Precious Metals Industry »

How we do it

We aim to achieve our goal through ongoing investment in exploration and mine development, operational excellence and a strong commitment to disciplined and sustainable growth.

Strategic value »

Where we do it

Our core operations are in Mexico, which has historically been a mining friendly country, with significant geological resources, strong potential for continued growth, robust mining laws in place, a skilled workforce and solid infrastructure. We focus on consolidating gold and silver mining districts, evaluating projects that offer the potential for synergies. 

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How we operate

Responsible and sustainable business practices are core to the business strategy of the Group and integrated into every aspect of our operations, from the earliest stages of exploration until mine closure.

Operations and projects »

Our goal

We aim to produce 65 million ounces of silver per year by 2018, having already exceeded our goal for gold production of 750,000 ounces per year.  

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