Risk Management Framework

The dynamic management of risk is critical to our business model

Our risk management framework is based on our belief in the importance of risk awareness across the Group.
This framework enables us to identify, assess, prioritise and manage risks in order to deliver the value creation objectives defined in our business model and strategic priorities. Our risk management process aims to strike a balance between mitigating and monitoring our risks, and maximising the potential reward. We have a structured internal risk management process in place to identify risks while simultaneously taking into account the views and interests of our stakeholders.

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Strategic focus: Embed a culture of risk awareness with an effective risk governance structure.

  1. Priorities: Identify, assess, prioritise, mitigate and monitor risk at all levels of the organisation.

  2. Competitive Advantages: Conservative approach towards risk and comprehensive risk management measures, support long-term value creation strategy.

Risk Management System »

Risk Governance Basis

AR18 Risk Gov Diagram