Strategic Resources and Relationships

Resources: The key inputs required to sustain our value creation model

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Safeguard, deploy and invest in our strategic non-mineral resources (human, financial, IT) and nurture and strengthen our strategic relationships (stakeholders)

  1. Experienced management and skilled personnel

    Select, recruit, train, develop, compensate and retain personnel with the requisite knowledge and experience to execute our strategy.

  2. Technology

    Deploy systems and methods that support exploration efforts, increase productivity, reinforce sustainability, enhance accountability and support decision-making and financial planning processes.

  3. Financial strength and control

    Maintain strict control of cash, assets, costs and expenses to maintain our solid balance sheet and competitive position as a low cost producer, ensure resources to finance growth opportunities and guarantee operational continuity, and deliver shareholder returns. 

Relationships: Key stakeholders with whom we create shared value

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Nurture and strengthen our strategic relationships

AR15 BModel Strategic Relationships

Contract and unionised labour:
 Provide a safe, equitable and fair work environment

Communities: Invest directly and through partnerships in a range of initiatives that aim to enhance quality of life and wellbeing, with a focus on environment, education, health and social integration, entrepreneurship and social infrastructure

Suppliers: Negotiate long-term purchase agreements to secure better pricing and ensure timely availability of key equipment, materials and services

Customers: Partner with refiners and smelters who help maximise our revenue stream

Shareholders and note holders: Balance returns with investment in long-term growth

Partners: Enter into and execute mutually beneficial business agreements