4. Sustainable Development

Policies and practices that ensure responsible operation of our business

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Advance and enhance the sustainability of our business, today and for future generations

 Eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and behaviours; improve and maintain the health of our people; minimise the environmental impact of our activities; engage with and support the development of our communities; secure the talent pipeline and ensure a fair workplace; fully integrate the HSECR system across the organisation

KPIs: Fatalities and injuries, greenhouse gases, water, community investment

Competitive Advantages: Deep understanding of our home market culture and communities, enabling us to meet best practices domestically and in line with international standards

Five key pillars of our sustainability strategy:

  1. Health: Improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of our people
  2. Safety: Eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and behaviours
  3. Environment: Minimise the environmental impact and footprint of our activities
  4. Community Relations: Engage with and support the development of our communities
  5. People: Secure the talent pipeline and ensure a fair and respectful workplace

Key risks

  • Potential actions by the government
  • Security
  • Public perception against mining
  • Safety
  • Human resources
  • Environmental incidents