3. Explore

The search for ore deposits that expand our resource base

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Extend the growth pipeline

Priorities: Allocate funding across metal price cycles; advance prospects and projects along the exploration pipeline in accordance with strict criteria (from early stage to drilling to advanced); convert resources to reserves

KPIs: Total attributable resources by metal

Competitive Advantages: We hold one of the largest sets of mining claims in Mexico; prospects must meet strict criteria on ore grades, metallurgical recoveries and environmental impact, and have a minimum potential of 100 moz silver or 2 moz gold equivalent in order to advance along the pipeline

Key assets

Asset District Commodity
» Las Casas, Cebollitas Cluster Ciénega Silver and gold
» Juanicipio Fresnillo Silver
» Centauro Deep Herradura Gold
» Orisyvo Chihuahua (greenfield) Gold
» Other early stage projects and prospects Mexico / Peru


Key risks

  • Impact of global macroeconomic developments
  • Access to land
  • Potential actions by the government
  • Security
  • Public perception against mining
  • Exploration
  • Human resources