3. Explore

The search for ore deposits that expand our resource base

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Extend the growth pipeline

Priorities: Allocate funding across metal price cycles; advance prospects and projects along the exploration pipeline in accordance with strict criteria (from early stage to drilling to advanced); convert resources to reserves

KPIs: Total attributable resources by metal

Competitive Advantages: We hold one of the largest sets of mining claims in Mexico; prospects must meet strict criteria on ore grades, metallurgical recoveries and environmental impact, and have a minimum potential of 100 moz silver or 2 moz gold equivalent in order to advance along the pipeline

Key assets

Asset District Commodity
Juanicipio Fresnillo Silver
Las Casas, Cebollitas Cluster Ciénega Silver and gold
Centauro Deep Herradura Gold
Orisyvo Chihuahua (greenfield) Gold
Other early stage projects and prospects Mexico / Peru


Key risks

  • Impact of global macroeconomic developments
  • Access to land
  • Potential actions by the government
  • Security
  • Public perception against mining
  • Exploration
  • Human resources