2. Develop

Development and construction of new operating mines and facilities

Strategic focus: 
Deliver growth through development projects

  1. Priorities: Adhere to strict delivery timelines and capex budgets
  2. KPIs: Project delivery against budget/timeline
  3. Competitive Advantages: Stringent viability criteria, including rates of return and high environmental and social impact standards, synergy potential amongst our prospects and projects arising from our district consolidation strategy, that can reduce total capex requirements; in-house teams for engineering and construction

Key assets



Average Annual Production


» Pyrites Treatment Plant


Est. 3.5 moz silver, 13.0 koz gold


» Centuaro Extension

Second DLP

Est 36koz, LoM 20+ yrs (Herradura)


Key risks

» Impact of global macroeconomic developments
» Access to land
» Potential actions by the government
» Security
» Public perception against mining
» Projects (performance risk)
» Union relations
» Human resources