1. Operate

The extraction and beneficiation of ore from our operating mines

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus: Maximise the potential of existing operations


Priorities: Optimise capacity and recovery rates by adjusting mining methods and beneficiation processes; generate continuous improvements in productivity and cost controls; leverage expansion opportunities

KPIs: Production by metal, cost per tonne by mine, productivity by mine (ore milled or moved per person)

Competitive Advantages: In most of our mines, AISC on a life of mine basis are significantly lower than current and projected market prices for gold and silver; positioning our cost performance competitively amongst industry peers

Key assets

Asset District Type Commodity Year
Fresnillo Fresnillo Underground Silver primary 1554
Saucito Fresnillo Underground Silver primary 2011
Ciénega Ciénega Underground Gold/Silver 1992
San Ramón (Ciénega satellite) Ciénega Underground Gold/Silver 2012
Herradura Herradura Open pit Gold 1997
Soledad-Dipolos Herradura Open pit Gold 2010
Noche Buena Herradura Open pit Gold 2012

*Operations at Soledad-Dipolos are currently suspended

Key risks

  • Impact of global macroeconomic developments
  • Access to land
  • Potential actions by the government
  • Security
  • Public perception against mining
  • Union relations
  • Human resources