1. Operate

The extraction and beneficiation of ore from our operating mines

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Strategic focus:
Maximise the potential of existing operations

  1. Priorities: Optimise capacity and recovery rates by adjusting mining methods and beneficiation processes; generate continuous improvements in productivity and cost controls; leverage expansion opportunities

  2. KPIs: Production by metal, cost per tonne by mine, productivity by mine (ore milled or moved per person)

  3. Competitive Advantages: Competitive cost performance amongst our industry peers, with AISC on a life of mine basis significantly lower than current and projected market prices for gold and silver 

Key assets

Asset Type Commodity Year
» Fresnillo Underground Silver primary 1554
» Saucito Underground Silver primary 2011
» Ciénega Underground Gold/Silver 1992
» Herradura Open pit Gold 1997
» Soledad-Dipolos Open pit Gold 2010
» Noche Buena Open pit Gold 2012
» San Julián Underground Silver/Gold 2016

*Operations at Soledad-Dipolos currently suspended

Key risks

  • Impact of global macroeconomic developments
  • Access to land
  • Potential actions by the government
  • Security
  • Public perception against mining
  • Union relations
  • Human resources