Our Business Model

Business Model and Strategy

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Our business model spans the full mining value chain from exploration, development and construction, to mining operations, supported by strategic resources and relationships essential to the effective execution of the business.

We seek to create sustained value for stakeholders across precious metals cycles, focusing on high potential silver and gold projects that can be developed into low-cost, world-class mines.

Our value creation strategy is intrinsically linked to our business model. At the heart of our business is gold and silver mining.

We generate revenue by selling the metals contained in the ore we extract and process;
to generate sustainable growth and ensure our longevity, we rely on a business model that
creates value for all our stakeholders.

Value Chain B Model

The Four Strategic Pillars of our Business Model

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Operate: Maximise the potential of existing operations while maintaining position as a leading low cost producer

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Develop: Deliver profitable growth by advancing projects towards commissioning, while optimising cash flow and returns

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Explore: Ensure business continuity and growth by replenishing depleted reserves and maintaining growth pipeline

Fresnillo B Model Operate Small

Sustainability: Uphold our licence to operate

A Strong Growth Pipeline

  1. Mines in operation » Maximise the potential of existing operations
    Optimise capacity, replenish reserves, continuously improve productivity and cost structure, and leverage expansion opportunities.

  2. Development and advanced exploration projects » Deliver growth through development projects
    Develop, build and commission projects that meet stringent criteria for mineral content and associated costs.

  3. Exploration » Extend the growth pipeline
    Invest continuously across price cycles to ensure a pipeline of growth projects at different stages.

  4. Sustainable development » Advance and enhance the sustainability of our business
    Prioritise safety and health, responsible environmental stewardship, the wellbeing of our communities, best governance practices and a strong ethical culture.