UK Governance Code

As a company with a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, Fresnillo is required under the FCA Listing Rules to comply with the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code or explain reasoning for non-compliance.

The Code establishes eighteen main principles of good governance in five areas; Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, Remuneration and Relations with Shareholders. 

Corporate governance 3

The Board attaches considerable weight to making sure that its governance approach is effective. It fully recognises that sound governance has a role to play in securing strategic success and strong performance as well as in protecting the interests of its shareholders. It is especially conscious of the need for its governance to result in practical and effective independent oversight given its particular ownership structure and relatively short history as a UK listed company. 

The Board is determined to make sure that it is working effectively to the long-term benefit of all shareholders and recognises the role the Directors collectively play in maintaining this focus. 

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