Shareholder Relations

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The Board seeks to ensure that the interests of minority shareholders in Fresnillo plc are properly respected and aligned with those of major shareholders.

The Company has an office in London where the Head of Investor Relations is based. The Group has implemented a strong investor relations programme and aims to meet major shareholders and analysts at least twice a year to discuss the results of the Group and to respond to any queries the shareholders may have.

The Head of Investor Relations in London maintains ongoing relations with analysts and major shareholders through telephone calls and meetings. The Company also uses a full programme of mining conferences to meet with current and prospective investors. Contact with investors in Mexico is maintained through the Investor Relations Office in Mexico City. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer participate in major roadshows to meet with analysts and shareholders. The Head of Investor Relations, supported by the Chief Executive Officer, gives a report at each Board meeting on communications and shareholder activity.

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