Third Party Business Conduct

Fresnillo Code of Conduct - Third Parties

At Fresnillo plc, our values of Trust, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty are as important as the goals we set for ourseleves.

The success and strength of our reputation rests on these values, which depend not only on our personnel but also on our suppliers, commercial partners, external associates and other third parties with whom we have a relationship (in general, third parties).

For this reason, it is of the highest interest of Fresnillo plc to work with third parties who share our values, reflect the same standards of ethics and integrity, and comply strictly with the applicable laws and regulations.

It is our goal to establish mutually beneficial, long-term strategic and commercial relations based on sound business practices and a solid ethical commitment.

We are grateful for adherence to this Code. I am confident that with support, we can build a more ethical society with an unwavering integrity.

- Octavio M. Alvídrez Ortega
Chief Executive Officer