Significant Agreements

Change of control - Significant Agreements

The following represents the likely effect on significant agreements with the Company were it to be subject to a change of control:

  • The New Services Agreement contains a discretionary provision for Servicios Administrativos PeƱoles, S.A. de C.V to terminate the agreement should they so wish if there is a change of control of Fresnillo plc

  • There are no formal 'change of control' provisions within the Silverstream contract or Met-Mex arrangements

  • The Group's mining concessions are held by several of its Mexican subsidiary companies. As long as the companies holding the mining concessions remain Mexican resident companies, there are no provisions within the concession agreements which would be triggered by a change of control of the Company.

The Company does not have any agreements with any Non-executive Director, Executive Director or employee that would provide compensation for loss of office or employment resulting from a change of control.