Corporate Governance Overview

The Governance Structure of Fresnillo plc

The Board of Directors are responsible for maintaining the Company's risk management and internal control systems. The structure and business of the Board is designed to ensure that the Board focuses on strategy, monitoring performance of the management team, governance and risk and control issues.  

The Board meets at least four times a year and has an established programme of meetings. At these meetings the Board takes responsibility for the Group's long-term objectives and commercial strategy and monitors the management of the Group's activities. There is a formal schedule of matters reserved for the Board's decision which includes approvals of major expenditure and investments and key policies. All meetings of the Board are held at our headquarters in Mexico.






Key Activity

FY Results & Report


Interim Results

Business Plan & Budget


The role and interaction of the Board and its committees

The Board has delegated certain authorities to the following committees to facilitate the routine business of the Company:

AR16 Board Structure