Alberto Baillères, Fresnillo Board of Directors

Alberto Baillères

Non-Executive Chairman

- Date of appointment: 15 April 2008
- Committee: Nominations (Chairman) and Remuneration Committee Member
- Key Strengths: Long-term knowledge of Mexican commercial environment and Mexican and international businesses communities

Over a period of 50 years, Mr Baillères has built up unprecedented experience and knowledge of both the Group and the Mexican markets in which it operates from both investor and supervisory perspectives. Mr Baillères has been on the board of Industrias Peñoles since 1962 and has served as Chairman since 1967. He holds extensive experience and knowledge of both the Group and the Mexican markets in which it operates and has overseen the development of both the Fresnillo Group and its associated companies that provide essential services to the Group from both the investor and the supervisory perspectives. The Baillères family first acquired an interest in Peñoles in 1962 and Mr Baillères is currently the controlling shareholder. In addition to Peñoles, as part of the BAL group of companies, Mr Baillères has interests in Grupo Palacio de Hierro, a chain of department stores mainly located in Mexico City, Grupo Nacional Provincial, a leading Mexican insurance company, Grupo Profuturo, a pensions and annuities business, and other businesses relating to financial services and agriculture.