Our Strategy

Our strategy

Investing across metal price cycles, delivering growth through development projects and maximising the potential of existing operations will continue to be a hallmark of our strategy

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Our History

Our origins trace back to the commencement of Peñoles' mining operations in 1887 and its smelting and refining operations in 1901

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Our Business Model

Our business model spans the full mining value chain from exploration, development and construction, to mining operations, which are supported by strategic resources essential to the effective execution of the business

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Key Financial Highlights

  • US$ 2,045.0m (+29.2%) Adjusted revenue FY16
  • US$ 718.2m 238.2% Profit from continuing operations FY16
  • US$ 425.0m (512.4%) Profit for the year incl Silverstream FY16
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Our Investment Case

Our solid foundations provide a competitive advantage in the mining industry and position us to drive long-term value

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