Including the Saucito II expansion, Saucito is becoming one of the Group’s most important assets, critical to achieving our 2018 production target of 65 moz silver. Produced 47% of the Group’s total silver (FY15), generating 29.6% of total adjusted revenue

Ownership: 100% Fresnillo plc
Location: Zacatecas 8km SW of the Fresnillo mine
Commodity: Silver, Gold
Operational since: 2011
Facilities: Underground mine and flotation plants
Workforce: 773 employees, 1,337 contractors
Milling Capacity : 7,800 tpd/2,600,000 tpy
Average ore grade in reserves: 245 g/t Silver, 1.72 g/t Gold
Mine Life: 5.9 (at 7,800 tpd capacity), (2015: 5.2 at 7,500 tpd capacity)

Quarterly Production

  2Q17 2Q16 % change 1Q17
Ore processed (t) 667,456 645,340 3.4 670,914
Silver (koz) 5,674 6,270 -9.5 5,147
Gold (oz) 15,896 20,186 -21.3 17,964
Lead (t) 4,688 5,164 -9.2 4,754
Zinc (t) 4,923 4,718
4.3 5,139
Ore grades        
Silver (g/t) 306 339 -9.5 279
Gold (g/t) 1.05 1.36 -23.3 1.12
Lead %




Zinc % 1.26 1.33 -5.5 1.26



Drilling commenced


Construction commenced


Commercial production 1H2011


Silver (koz)

21,946 (FY16) % (0.2) Change

Gold (oz)

86,198 (FY16) % 1.5 Change

Lead (t)

20,935 (FY16) % 0.9 Change

Zinc (t)

23,498 (FY16) % 11.8 Change

Financial Highlights

Adjusted Revenue (US$m, FY16)

52.8 % 12.7 Change

Segment Profit (US$m, FY16)

363.8 % 23.2 Change

Captial Expenditure (US$m, FY16)

102.4 % (5.4) Change

Exploration (US$m, FY16)

16.4 % 90.7 Change

Perfomance Highlights: (2Q17)

  • Quarterly and year to date silver production decreased vs. 2Q16 and 1H16 mainly due to expected lower ore grade in 2017 compared to the exceptionally high ore grade from the development ore from the West and Central areas at the Jarillas vein in 2016
  • Temporary limited access to higher ore grade areas, due to the programmed anchoring activities aimed at enhancing safety, also impacted silver production
  • Lower recovery rate resulting from the calibration of the cyclones at the vibrating screens also contributed to the decrease in silver production
  • Effects partly mitigated by the increase in ore processed from the West and Central Jarillas areas and the increased capacity of the plants following the installation of vibrating screens
  • Quarterly silver production increased 10.3% vs. 1Q17 as a result of the gradual increase in access to the high grade stope at the Jarillas vein as anchoring activities continue and, to a lesser extent, a higher recovery rate
  • Quarterly and first half by-product gold production decreased vs. 2Q16 and 1H16 due to lower ore grade and lower recovery rate; partly mitigated by the higher ore processed
  • By-product gold production decreased 11.5% vs. 1Q17 due to lower ore grade and recovery rates
  • By-product lead production for the second quarter and first half 2017 decreased when compared to the same periods of 2016 mainly as a result of the lower ore grade and recovery rate
  • Quarterly by-product lead production decreased slightly vs. 1Q17 due to lower ore grade and ore processed; partly mitigated by the higher recovery rate
  • Quarterly by-product zinc production increased over 2Q16 as a result of the higher recovery rate and ore processed
  • First half by-product zinc production decreased vs. 1H16 due to lower ore grade
  • Quarterly by-product zinc production decreased 4.2% vs. 1Q17 as a result of lower recovery rates

Objectives: 2017

  • Increase development rates to 4,000m a month
  • Jarillas Shaft extension & deepening of 6 development ramps