Centauro Extension: 2nd Dynamic Leaching Plant

Ownership: Minera Penmont (100% Fresnillo plc)
Location: Sonora, Herradura District
Facilities: Leaching Plant
Commercial Production: 1H18
Plant Capacity: 8,000 TPD
Anticipated production: Avg. annual production 390 koz gold
Pre-operative Capex: US$ 110 million


This project will enable sulphides occurring deeper in the pit to be processed more efficiently. As a result of the project, the life of mine at Herradura will be extended to 12 years with an annual gold production of 390 koz.

Key developments:

  • Board approval obtained and detailed engineering completed
  • Foundations of the milling area advanced and orders for various components placed
  • Continue testing electrical, instrumentation and control installation
  • The construction of this new plant is on track with commissioning expected in 2Q18