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EQ (Equiniti Group)

EQ is the provider of share registration services to Fresnillo plc. As Registrar of Fresnillo plc, EQ are able to manage shareholder accounts and offer a free online service (Shareview), including electronic communications for every shareholder.

What is Shareview? 

Shareview is EQ's suite of online services, enabling shareholders to manage their holdings and provide access to a wide range of useful information. Registered users are able to access detailed information about their holdings as well as update personal information online, resulting in a secure, easy, fast and effective approach to managing your shares.

Shareholdings can be viewed online by registering with EQ for a portfolio. From here you can access your shareholdings, including balance, movements, indicative share prices, information on recent dividends and portfolio valuation.

Manage your shareholding online:

Benefit of Electronic Shareholder Communication? 

  • Faster access to documents

  • Significantly cost-effective

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Access on the go, wherever you are

  • Proactively manage shareholding

Electronic communications (e-comms) enables documents to be received via the internet. This eco-friendly service is not only quicker, providing shareholders with immediate access to documents; it is also a more cost-effective way for Fresnillo shareholders to receive documents with a reduction in print and postal delivery. If you elect for e-communications, we will send an email notification of the availability on our website of future reports and accounts and all other shareholder communications.

Register here for Shareview:

This is a free online share information service operated by our Registrars, EQ. Your rights as a shareholder will not be affected in anyway. If you have any questions about the service, please call the EQ helpline on 0800 169 6946.


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