Shareholder FAQs

Please find our Investor FAQs here »

Lost share certificate

Please advise our Registrars, Equiniti, in writing which certificate is lost and you will be sent a Letter of Indemnity for completion. You should sign and return this letter to the Registrars so that a duplicate share certificate can be issued (charges apply for this service).

Buy / sell Fresnillo shares

UK shareholders may trade Fresnillo plc shares using the EQ (Equiniti) internet or telephone share dealing service.

Internet Share Dealing

The dealing charges for this service are 1.5 per cent of the value of each sale or purchase of shares (subject to a minimum fee of £40). Stamp duty of 0.5 per cent is also payable on all purchases. If you are interested in this facility then visit, click on the "share dealing" tab and follow the instructions.

Telephone Share Dealing

Commission is 1.5 per cent, subject to a minimum charge of £45. In addition, stamp duty, currently 0.5 per cent is payable on purchases. This service is available from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Fridays (excluding bank holidays) on 08456 037 037.

Transfer Fresnillo shares to another member of family or another person

You should complete a gift transfer form and return it to EQ (Equiniti) with your share certificate(s). To obtain a gift transfer form please telephone 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205) or visit

Receiving multiple copies of shareholder communications

If you are receiving multiple copies of shareholder communications Equiniti is probably holding two (or more) accounts for you on the share register. If you would like these accounts combined please write to Equiniti asking them to merge your accounts.
Equiniti Ltd, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA

Dividends paid directly into bank account

If you receive your dividends in pound sterling you may have your payments made directly to your Bank or Building Society account. Dividend mandate forms are available from EQ (Equiniti) at If you register for a shareview portfolio you can update this information on-line. Alternatively telephone EQ on 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205). Using this option will prevent any postal delay, risk of loss, or having to visit your Bank or Building Society.

Elect to have dividends paid in US dollars

Fresnillo dividends are declared in US Dollars and paid in pounds sterling. Shareholders are however able to elect to be paid in US Dollars by notifying Equiniti. If you wish to elect to receive your dividends in US Dollars please contact EQ on 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205).

Dividend cheque out of date / dividend payment not received

If your dividend cheque is out of date you should return the cheque to EQ (Equiniti) for verification, re-dating and re-issue. If you have not received a dividend payment it may be because the address details held for you by our Registrars are incorrect or you purchased the shares after the ex-dividend date and were not entitled to receive the dividend. Please contact Equiniti on 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205) and they will confirm the position for you.

Death of a shareholder

Please notify EQ (Equiniti) as soon as possible and they will advise what steps need to be taken. EQ can be contacted by writing to Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA or by telephone 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205).

Change of address

If you need to make any alterations to your address or you are planning to move, you can let EQ (Equiniti) know by logging on to and downloading a form. If you have registered for a portfolio you can update your details on-line. Alternatively please telephone Equiniti on 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205).

View shareholdings online

Shareholdings can be viewed on-line by registering with EQ (Equiniti) for a portfolio at . From here you can access your shareholdings, including balance, movements, indicative share prices, information on recent dividends and portfolio valuation. Alternatively you can contact EQ: 0871 384 2868 (Overseas +44 121 415 0205).

Electronic shareholder communications

To receive shareholder documents electronically please register with EQ (Equiniti) for a portfolio at

Duplicate tax certificates

Duplicate tax certificates can be obtained by writing to: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA
(charges apply for this service).

Lord Davies' Report

In February 2011 Lord Davies of Abersoch, CBE, published the report 'Women on Boards'. The Nominations Committee have reviewed and considered the report. Fresnillo endorses the principle of boardroom diversity and will continue to recruit at all levels in line with our non-discrimination policy and, as always, on merit. We intend to provide more detail on the Board's approach to board composition (and therefore diversity) in our Annual Report.

GDPR and Data Privacy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced changes to data protection requirements on 25 May 2018. The regulation changed to provide improved clarity and rights over your personal data. We have updated our Shareholder Privacy Notice (effective 25 May 2018) to make it easier for you to understand how we use and protect your information within Fresnillo plc. To read the Privacy Notice of Equiniti Group please see here.