Sustainability: Our Story

Our commitment to create long-term value is founded on responsible mining practices, to create value for and ensure the wellbeing of stakeholders without compromising future generations, through policies and practices implemented from the earliest stages of exploration until mine closure. We benchmark our success within a framework of maturing sustainability practices and continuous improvement in our safety culture.

Social and Sustainability Performance

Mining is an essential activity that creates value at the local and global level. We believe it can be compatible with high stakeholder expectations vis-à-vis social and environmental performance, and, indeed, that our social licence to operate is dependent upon meeting those expectations. Therefore, responsible business practices must be deeply integrated in the operations, and factors affecting stakeholders taken into consideration at every critical decision-making level. This is reflected in our business model, wherein sustainable business practices ground our value-creation pyramid.

Furthermore, compatible mining enhances our competitive advantages: engaging communities from the earliest stages of exploration and development reduces project risk and supports asset values; community support and environmental stewardship can minimise disruptions and ensure operational continuity; and a solid ESG risk profile influences the cost of capital, essential to balance sheet flexibility.

Highlights (2015)

  • Further advanced our HSECR system towards target of full maturity (reached overall level of 92.3%)
  • Increased community investment
  • Reduced level and intensity of our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance was recognised with the inclusion in the Euronext-Vigeo EM 70 Index, recognising the 70 most sustainable companies operating in emerging markets

Fresar15 Sustainability Kpis

Key Targets

  • Reinforcement of our Safety Action Plan
  • Certification of all operating units in the Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS) 18001 System
  • Review and upgrade energy and climate change, water, land and biodiversity strategies
  • Conduct perception surveys and identify community relations and opportunities
  • Reinforcement of stakeholder engagement processes incorporating principles from the IFC Sustainability Framework
  • Leverage information technology
  • Continuance of progress to reach a fully mature HSECR System

Objectives (2016)

  • Achieve full maturity of HSECR system across entire organisation as planned
  • Refine approach to our community perception study, adopting best practices in materiality assessment
  • Achieve zero fatalities target