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Advancing Sustainability

Q - How have you advanced and enhanced the sustainability of your operations?
A - One of our four strategic pillars, sustainbility lies at the heart of everything we do at Fresnillo - and nothing is more important to the sustainability of our Company than the health and safety of our employees and contractors. Although the trend from prior years is in the right direction, we can never be complacent, and sadly we have to report that we experienced one fatality at the beginning of the year. We continue to strengthen our health and safety programmes, focusing on engaging contractors as well as our own people. Around 70% of our workforce of 16,000 are contractors, and we are working hard to align them fully with our health and safety culture and expectations. A new approach piloted at Saucito and subsequently adopted at both Fresnillo and Ciénega is already strengthening our safety culture. Under this new approach, which we plan to roll out across our other operations in the coming months, our people are encouraged to report each incident within a fixed time frame, no matter how minor and with a full description. Our safety team then analyses the incident and identifies its root cause, enabling us to more systematically put measures in place to prevent any reoccurrence.