Eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and behaviours

Our Goal » Instil a safety culture where our workers and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.

Fresnillo has adopted the occupational health and safety guidelines of the International Labour Organisation and the World Health Organisation to develop workplace policies and programmes; complying with all regulations by the Mexican Ministry of Labour.

In accordance with these guidelines, each mine has a health and safety commission (known as Comisión de Seguridad e Higiene) comprised of executives and union and non-union employees who monitor and review performance. These commissions are also responsible for the implementation of training and safety programmes.

To encourage a culture of health and safety, we provide on-going training through programmes such as Occupational Illnesses Prevention, Safety Conduct, Facilitators Safety Programme, Hazardous Materials Management in addition to First Aid.

Herradura INMERSIVE simulator
At Herradura we installed an INMERSIVE simulator to train operators for open pit off-road trucks. This simulator virtually exposes workers to difficult operational situations such as equipment failure or special atmospheric conditions.

Key Activities

Enabler » Eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and behaviours.

  • Proactively assess and prioritise risks in order to determine operating procedures, equipment, training and controls.

  • Perform situational assessments and legal compliance audits to identify operational non-conformities and to develop specific action plans with clear deadlines and accountabilities.

  • Use a five-phase process to ensure operational discipline: Making sure safety procedures are available; assuring their quality; training and communication; evaluation of compliance; and continuous improvement.

  • Promote the STOP (Stop, Think, Observe and Plan) programme, which teaches that all accidents can be prevented, promotes risk monitoring for all processes and emphasises the responsibility of the chain of command to detect and immediately remediate unsafe conditions.

  • Conduct root cause analysis of accidents resulting in a critical injury or loss of life, in order to understand the underlying factors and determine any remedial actions required

Enabler » Instil a safety culture where our workers and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.

  • Engage our managers, union representatives and contractors, encouraging them to take a leadership role in our safety culture.

  • Hold behavioural change workshops, facilitated by psychologists who provide guidance and counsel on personal issues that may lead to distractions and accidents.

  • Continue to deliver Rules that Save Lives, part of our effort to embed critical rules into our safety culture, with regular reviews, updates and reminders in training sessions and group meetings.

  • Support our contractors in enrolling in the Mexican Labour Ministry’s voluntary Self-Managed Safety Programme, where the main objective is to encourage a selfevaluation culture and continuous improvement.


  • Committed to improving our safety record as we regret to report two fatalities during 2019.

  • “I Care, We Care” has proven to be effective and has contributed to the reduction in our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate.

  • Part of the FTSE4Good Index ranking first in Corporate Integrity in Mexico.

  • Introduction of a Diversity Policy and participation at Women in Mining (WIM) in Zacatecas and Sonora.

  • Increase in the proportion of women recruited through our Engineers in Training Programme.

  • Introduction of diversity KPIs, gender payment gap and monitoring of unconscious bias as part of the ethics culture survey.


  • Rethink our strategy of women leadership development, increasing access to mentors, sponsors and networks.

  • Review our Human Resources Practices (such as recruitment, development, performance appraisal and promotion) to reduce risk of implicit and explicit bias.