Eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and behaviours

Fresnillo has adopted the occupational health and safety guidelines of the International Labour Organisation and the World Health Organisation to develop our workplace policies and programmes. We comply with all regulations put forth by the Mexican Ministry of Labour.

In accordance with these guidelines, each mine has a health and safety commission (known as Comisión de Seguridad e Higiene) comprised of executives and union and non-union employees who monitor and review performance. These commissions are also responsible for the implementation of training and safety programmes.

To encourage a culture of health and safety, we provide on-going training through programmes such as Occupational Illnesses Prevention Programme, Safety Conduct Programme, Safety Programme for Facilitators, Hazardous Materials Management in addition to First Aid.

At Herradura we installed an INMERSIVE simulator to train operators for open pit off-road trucks. This simulator virtually exposes workers to difficult operational situations such as equipment failure or special atmospheric conditions.

Herradura INMERSIVE simulator 


  • Noche Buena mine launched its Cyanide Code certification process
  • Operations continued to develop their competencies in emergency response
  • Reinforce safety policies and procedures, investing in safety equipment and training and conducting drills at all operations and projects
  • The key challenge we face is a culture of disregard of safety procedures, specifically among new workers hired or contracted to support the expansion of our operations. To mitigate risk, we are implementing a comprehensive training and awareness plan to embed a culture of safety and zero tolerance attitude for violations of our policies and procedures
  • Families invited to participate in discussions on the dangers their loved ones faced in disregarding safety procedures, which served to elevate the issue and increase accountability at home
  • We comply with all government and industry safety regulations
  • The Group also subscribes to a number of national and international safety certification programmes


  • One fatal injury in 2015 and two fatal injuries in early 2016
  • SafeStart programme active at Ciénega, Fresnillo and Saucito
  • Health & Safety Information Systems evaluated, decision made


  • Implement Health & Safety Information System, including for contractors
  • Complete OHSAS 18001 certification process at Saucito
  • Mature the Operational Discipline and safety assessments initiatives