Our approach and policies

Modern Slavery Act

Modern slavery is a grave violation to human rights. It comprises all forms of contemporary slavery such as forced labour, servitude, human trafficking and the worst forms of child labour.  Fresnillo has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and expects its employees, suppliers and contractors to reject any and all of its forms. 

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct, founded upon our values, is a set of rules and principles that guide our behaviours and actions, including guidance on complying with the internal and external regulation applicable to Fresnillo plc.

Tax Strategy

The Group is committed to acting with integrity and transparency on all tax matters, and complying fully with UK tax law. It does not pursue any aggressive tax planning schemes and pays its taxes as and when they become due.

Bribery and Corruption

Corruption has been recognised by the United Nations as one of the obstacles to effective promotion and protection of human rights. The Fresnillo Group implements anti-bribery and anti-corruption controls, due diligence and ethical training for our people and contractors. 

Third Party Due Diligence

Fresnillo plc does business with many types of third party including, but not limited to contractors, agents, suppliers, logistics, law and advisory firms; the company also maintains relations with unions and recipients of donations. This policy sets out Fresnillo plc’s commitments in doing business with third parties in order to mitigate the risks of bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud and violation to human rights, risks that the Company is exposed to in its relations with third parties.

Human Rights

We respect and support human rights, avoid complicity with abuses, address grievances related to our business activities where relevant and we do not tolerate human rights violations committed by our employees, contractors, or public or private security providers acting on our behalf. Along with the laws of Mexico that protect human rights, we have internal policies and practices to protect the human rights of our communities, employees and contractors, and the Fresnillo “LíneaCorrecta” whistleblowing line to report any concerns. Environmental, livelihood and other community concerns can be reported through our grievance mechanism, or brought to light via our perception studies.


Fresnillo plc values and respects all persons from diverse backgrounds. We consider that encouraging diversity is fundamental and aspire to develop an inclusive culture where our people feel valued and inspired to contribute to their fullest potential. We embrace diversity without limitation, including but not limited to diversity of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, geographical background, nationality and disability.


Fresnillo plc is a company dedicated to exploration, extraction and processing of minerals, committed to preventing pollution, guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for its personnel, maintaining good relations with neighboring communities, complying with legal and other requirements, and improving continuously our productive processes through an integrated management system. As one of the principal precious metals companies, we strive to conduct all operations in a sustainable way. 

Tailings Dams

All Fresnillo plc’s tailings dams are specifically designed to meet the demands of the mine site, while also ensuring the strictest of safety and environmental standards. The Brazil dam disaster has led to increased focus on the issue of tailings dam safety across the global mining industry. While the safe management of our tailings facilities has always been a priority for Fresnillo, we have taken the opportunity to renew this focus, and to conduct a thorough review of our tailings facilities and processes. 

Directors Remuneration Policy

The Group’s remuneration policy seeks to ensure that the Company is able to attract, retain and motivate its Executive Directors and members of the Executive Committee. The retention of key management and the alignment of management incentives and the creation of shareholder value being key objectives of this policy.