Our People: Case Study

Talent pipeline from the community

Our people are our most important asset. Engaging and developing our people for the long term is our firm objective. We are therefore strongly committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people to successfully support our business strategy.

Fresnillo plc’s Centre for Technical Studies (CETEF) was created to train high quality mining technicians for our specific needs. Candidates to join the CETEF are chosen from the communities surrounding our operations in order to favour local employment while securing the talent pipeline. Fresnillo offers 100% scholarships plus monthly stipends to all students admitted to the CETEF programme. Our training approach is based on a model that favours hands on experience, spending 20% studying theory and 80% practicing with modern equipment. Currently, Fresnillo employs 90 % of the graduates of the CETEF programme.

Furthermore, we also have an agreement with Peñoles to send our candidates to their Centre for Technical Studies of Laguna del Rey (CETLAR). The CETLAR follows a similar logic to the CETEF but focuses on training maintenance technicians.