Our People

Secure the talent pipeline and ensure a fair and respectful workplace

Our people are our most important asset. Engaging and developing our people for the long term is our firm objective.  We are therefore strongly committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people to successfully support our business strategy. We aspire to an organisational culture based on “Trust”.  We recognise Trust is the single most important characteristic of great places to work.

our people

The Group’s personnel are the most critical factor for the successful execution of our business strategy. We thus invest significant resources in the selection, recruitment, training and retention of our people, and institute performance evaluations to ensure alignment with our strategy and compensation policies.

Our ability to select, recruit, train and retain personnel with knowledge, skills and experience is fundamental to the Group's ability to achieve its strategic goals.

To ensure that our people are trained and committed, we provide extensive personal and professional development opportunities, competitive wages and compensation packages and a workplace culture that fosters teamwork.

We are committed to providing a safe equitable and fair work environment with a Board-level commitment to sustainable development.

We strive to maintain mutually respectful relations with the local labour unions through continuous dialogue and collaboration, including yearly contract negotiations with that part of the workforce that is unionised.

Our long-term talent management efforts include the promotion of the earth sciences. For nearly 10 years we have recruited interns who study mining, metallurgy, geology, topography and environmental engineering from prestigious Mexican universities such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the National Polytechnic Institute and local universities. Many of these trainees are offered permanent employment by the Group.


  • Presented results of the workplace survey to senior HR managers
  • New employee training includes ethics and integrity component
  • Held pilot workshops with union representatives of Penmont and Ciénega with positive outcomes
  • Launched anti-bullying campaign
  • Launched online learning tools for core competency training


  • Train unionised workers in the ethics and integrity programme
  • Enhance readiness of crisis committees at each business unit
  • Implement information systems to manage contractor employees in our operations