Health Performance Indicators 

New cases of occupational diseases 
An illness caused or aggravated by work activities or workplace conditions
  0 3 2 0 1 - -
Disease rate (expressed per 1,000 persons at work) 
The number of personnel at work is calculated based on the hours worked
Total personnel = hours worked per year/2,000
  0 0.199 0.159 0.000 0.121 - -

Rate of lost work days due to other illnesses
In 2011 all illness-related lost work days were considered, in 2012 only those dictated by IMSS

  0.76  0.81  0.62  0.58  1.17 10.68
Investment in health (US$m)
Main investments are contributions to IMSS, employee insurance, medical tests and equipment
  10.94 10.46 12.6 10.3 9.6  7.8 6.6

Health Performance Certifications

OHSAS 18001
Sets out criteria for international best practice in occupational health and safety management
  Certified Pending Certified Certified
Healthy Company 
Certification by Mexican health authorities for the implementation of best practice in occupational health and preventive care, including the promotion of healthier lifestyles
  Certified Certified Certified Certified

A prerequisite for the Healthy Company certification

  Certified  Certified  Certified  Certified