Improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of our people

Employee retention, productivity and satisfaction require good health. We provide a range of medical services for union and non-union employees and contractors, including annual examinations, routine vaccinations, health seminars and comprehensive medical care for those in need. This enables us to monitor occupational illnesses, implement prevention programmes and reduce common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

The main occupational illnesses in our industry have historically been lung disease, hearing loss and elevated blood lead levels, as well as heat stress and spinal injuries. Training is provided on the use of preventive equipment and workplace hygiene requirements. Our greater health concern comes from chronic and degenerative diseases related to limited awareness of and access to preventive medicine in Mexico.

Through collaboration with local and national public health entities, we execute ongoing awareness campaigns on nutrition, hygiene and family planning; vaccination campaigns; and infectious disease prevention.

The Fresnillo Group regards its involvement in activities designed to promote wellbeing as an investment in health maintenance. Such activities include the promotion of sport and social pastimes.

The Group has sought to encourage participation in sporting activities through the sponsorship of a variety of events including athletics meetings, football, baseball, basketball, speed football and golf tournaments and the National Triathlon. In addition funding is provided for the maintenance of sports facilities. A large number of employees and members of the community have benefitted from the Groups investment in sport.

Highlights (2015)

  • A fruitful collaboration was established with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Foundation to provide free dental treatments and prescription eyeglasses for our neighbouring communities at each mine
  • An internal assessment mechanism was introduced to evaluate the performance of our health department and regulatory compliance within our operations

Performance (2015)

  • Contractor adoption of our occupational health KPIs, procedures and training requirements ongoing
  • Evaluated Health & Safety Information Systems; contractors will be considered at implementation
  • Advanced the Healthy Company and Smoke-Free Company certifications process
  • Healthy Lifestyles programme now operating in all our operations
  • Business units convening multidisciplinary team for fitness, psychological, medical, and dietary advice; programme rolled out at Penmont, Ciénega and San Julián, where workers also surveyed to assess psychological stress levels and associated risks
  • Three new cases of occupational diseases

Future Objectives

  • Implement the Health & Safety Information System, including contractors
  • Adopt ICMM standard for health KPIs
  • Mature our assessment protocol for health-related risks
  • Reinforce standardisation of health practices and policies across our operations