Occupational health: Improve and maintain the health of our people

Employee retention, productivity and satisfaction require good health. We utilise a pre-emptive approach to identify and manage health risks. Preventive care and the promotion of healthier lifestyles can limit certain chronic diseases, enhance overall wellness and fitness for work, reduce the risk of injuries and enhance productivity. While our focus is set on prevention, emergency preparedness is a core competence of all our health teams. We work closely with local authorities and extend our health initiatives to communities as part of our support for socio-economic development.

We provide a range of medical services for union and non-union employees and contractors, including annual examinations, routine vaccinations, health seminars and comprehensive medical care for those in need; enabling us to monitor occupational illnesses, implement prevention programmes and reduce common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

We seek to prevent health-related issues brought on by aging and lifestyle choices, such as lack of exercise, smoking and poor nutrition. Weight management, a widespread issue in Mexico, remains our top priority as obesity may trigger chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Our Healthy Lifestyles programme supports good dietary habits and the prevention and control of obesity-related diseases.

The Group has sought to encourage participation in sporting activities through the sponsorship of a variety of events including athletics, football, baseball, basketball, speed football and golf tournaments and the National Triathlon. In addition funding is provided for the maintenance of sports facilities. A large number of employees and members of the community have benefitted from the Groups investment in sport.

Performance and Highlights

  • Health & Safety staff continue to be trained in the use of the new Health & Safety Information System

  • Health KPI’s suggested by the ICMM are implemented in the Health Information System

  • The Health department are working on action plans resulting from health related risk assessments

  • Corporate staff are supporting and monitoring the progress of business units on hygiene, ergonomic and psychosocial issues

Future Objectives

  • Increase environmental monitoring of our workspaces to proactively identify any future sources of health hazards

  • Review operating procedures considering more information from industrial hygiene, notably exposure levels

  • Strengthen ergonomic programme through training health and safety staff and reviewing workspaces, equipment and procedures