Ethics and Culture

Our Values

We aspire to demonstrate a well established ethical culture through our actions and behaviours. Our values are the cornerstone of our Ethics and Culture programme.

Ethics And Culture Diagram

Embedding best practices

Our Code of Conduct, founded upon our values, is a set of rules and principles that guide our behaviours and actions, including guidance on complying with the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the Mexican General Law of the National Anti-Corruption System. Workshops and master classes are conducted regularly to embed ethics and integrity in the culture, in combination with an online training programme and evaluation to effectively reach employees. Training our people to make better decisions has been a crucial element of our anti-bribery and anti-corruption strategy; the scope of our online training programme and evaluation has broadened to cover money laudering and fraud and been recognised internally as a success for its innovative approach. We recognise that embedding ethics in the culture as a core competence in the organisational structure support our strategic and operating goals.

PwC have guided the design of our masterclasses and employee workshops, and rolled out training for our managers, 20 of whom were selected to become trainers in the employee workshops.

The workshops reinforce how to apply Fresnillo policies and where to go for additional support, with an emphasis on using the behavioural compass for decision-making. Managerial workshops went further to stress the practical requirements of their role as leaders in enabling and supporting business ethics and integrity.

The Fresnillo Code of Conduct

Octavio Alvidrez, CEO

Being recognised as a good corporate citizen is something we earn through the efforts and commitment of all who work at Fresnillo. Our Code of Conduct is intended to serve as a guide for the day-to-day behaviour of each of us, which must be consistent with the institutional values of this company: Confidence, Responsibility, Integrity and Loyalty (C.R.I.L).

By following this Code of Conduct, we reinforce the trust of all of our groups of interest in Fresnillo: shareholders, employees, clients, vendors, and community at large.

We all have an obligation to observe this Code of Conduct, guaranteeing not only that the transactions we perform adhere strictly to existing rules and regulations, but also ensuring that we work according to the highest standards of responsibility, transparency and commitment.

We will strive to set an example of strict compliance with the contents of this Code of Conduct in the daily performance of our duties, and that this will allow us to become the most widely-recognized Mexican company in the world for its global focus, process quality, and the excellence of its people.