Minimise the environmental impact and footprint of our activities

Our objective is to limit the environmental impact of our operations throughout their lifecycle, minimising the use of non-renewable resources and investing in conservation. Good environmental performance is a fundamental condition for social acceptability of mining projects. We continuously monitor the performance and responsiveness of management with regard to environmental challenges.

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Our operational philosophy is to manage environmental risk and mitigate our impact over the life cycle of a mine. The Group's environmental management systems extend from the exploration phase, to mine development and operation, to closure and restoration. Through our long-term experience in the mining sector, we have identified five main environmental aspects on which our operations have an impact and therefore require control and mitigation.

Energy Reduce unit consumption of energy
Water Reduce unit consumption of fresh water through the recirculation of water
Emissions Contain fugitive dust and minimise unit CO2 emissions from indirect sources of energy
Waste/ Hazardous Material Maximise the rate of reuse of hazardous materials and ensure their proper containment
Biodiversity Minimise disruptions to endemic flora and fauna on our land; mitigate any impact through conservation efforts, relocation and reforestation


  • Management responded well to a tailings spill at the Saucito mine and an incident with pregnant solution at the Herradura mine, both of which were dealt with and investigated in a satisfactory way. After completion of environmental remediation, monitoring confirmed that sources of contamination were successfully removed
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint


  • Contingency response plans have been reviewed and practiced at Penmont, Fresnillo and Saucito
  • Collaborating internally to forecast future energy demands and identify reduction opportunities
  • Engaged NGOs as potential partners to shape biodiversity and water stewardship strategies that go beyond compliance
  • ISO 14001 and Clean Industry certification processes advanced 90% at Saucito
  • Renewables were introduced to our energy portfolio
  • Responsible reactions to a tailings spill at Saucito and a pregnant solution spill at Herradura. Additional preventative measures have been put in place


  • Set carbon emissions and water targets
  • Obtain Clean Industry and ISO 14001 certification at Saucito
  • Implement an information system
  • Strengthen the mechanism for internal audits of environmental compliance