Community Relations

Community support

Promoting an environmental culture garners community support. We engage our neighbouring communities to raise environmental awareness through Fresnillo's Sustainability events such as World Water Day, World Environment Day and Tree Day. We bring employees, contractors, families and community members together through parades, talks, competitions, workshops, seminars and cleaning and reforestation campaigns with elementary schools and our employees and contractors. We also include tours to select environmental programmes such as the waste water treatment plants in Fresnillo and Saucito, and the Sustainable Forest in Ciénega.

Responsibility Communities 3

Perception Studies

In addition to informal and formal meetings that help us detect relationship risks and opportunities, we periodically commission comprehensive perception studies to deepen our insight on the issues that matter to our communities. These aim at evaluating how we are perceived as employers, neighbours and to what extent our credibility, environmental and social commitment are recognised.

Developing with the community

Our strategic social investments target development levers such as education, capacity building and infrastructure. We also contribute to social welfare (public health, social interaction and sports) and help raise environmental awareness within our communities.

Given our knowledge of the communities and engineering expertise, we work with local authorities on proposals for Mining Fund infrastructure projects in the communities where we operate. Our community relations teams facilitate health weeks with the UNAM Foundations, securing community participation and collecting feedback on health and other issues that matter to the communities. We continue to build on our partnership with INNOVEC and the government of Zacatecas state to support the teaching of science in elementary schools. Schools in the neighbouring communities of Fresnillo and Saucito are in the pipeline of schools to receive government funding to implement this innovative programme.

Responsibility Communities 4


  • Communities surrounding our operations and main development projects were engaged through perception studies and social risk assessments

  • The Silver Saves Lives initiative was launched at Ciénega with a pilot project to harvest rainwater and engage communities with water awareness activities


  • Developed a new portfolio of proposals for institutional projects and alliances with NGOs

  • Presented and analysed operating rules and framework for Regional Committees

  • Ongoing collaboration between the community relations and land acquisition teams, notably in San Julián and Saucito

  • Focused on multiple maturity practices

  • The Silver Saves Lives initiative was launched at Ciénega with a rain harvesting project


  • Review results of perception studies; leverage insights to improve social investment and engagement strategies

  • Design and implement a protocol to conduct follow-up visits to the operations and projects

  • Ongoing adoption and maturity of best practices in community relations