Working for Fresnillo

Our people are our most important asset. Engaging and developing our people for the long term is our firm objective.
We are strongly committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people to successfully support our business strategy; aspiring to an organisational culture based on “Trust”.

We recognise Trust is the single most important characteristic of great places to work. 

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The Fresnillo Group seeks to offer its employees safe working conditions and fosters health, quality of life and professional and participatory development options as well as competitive wages and benefits.

We recognise the extraordinary commitment that employees make to the Group, especially mine workers living in isolated communities. Aside from compensation, we believe we have responsibility to enhance the quality of life of our employees, including education, personal and professional development opportunities, and in some areas, housing, transportation and access to communications.

Our benefits extend to employees' families. At Fresnillo, we run a tuition-free elementary school for the children of employees. At Ciénega, in coordination with the municipality, the company financially sponsors elementary and middle school education for its employees' families. At Herradura, the company provides financial support to area technical schools. At all three mines, training workshops in self-esteem, small business entrepreneurship, and family and workplace values are provided for spouses, and for school teachers to impart to students.

The Group has made a significant investment in training, primarily on creating a result-oriented culture of teamwork and integration, with workshops and courses in leadership, teamwork, process improvement, productivity and management skills. We believe that teamwork drives operational improvements, workplace satisfaction and the innovation potential of the Company.

If you are interested in working with us in Mexico, please kindly attention your Curriculum Vitae to the following email: