Case studies

We have made a significant investment in professional and development training programmes; primarily focusing on creating a result-oriented culture through, leadership, process improvement, innovation, productivity and management skills. Personnel recruitment efforts include internship programmes for engineers to ensure a next generation of skilled mining and exploration professionals.

Minera Fresnillo, Supplier Development Workshop

A training workshop for small business suppliers of the Fresnillo mine. At the Fresnillo mine the "Supplier Development" workshop took place with the aim of strengthening existing suppliers of Fresnillo plc and provide skills to improve their administrative and operational efficiency. Based on individual analysis of current situation, a plan is designed for improvement and implementation of actions.

The group was formed by 25 small and medium enterprises. The duration of the workshop resulted in 25 hours, divided into 5 days. On accomplishment a certificate of participation is provided. The training conducted by Luis Robledo Carlos (Authorised trainer of Fundación Proemplo A.C.)

"I thank Minera Fresnillo for this training that helps so much, because although there are things we already knew, we do not apply them. It was something very enjoyable and very insightful".

- Jose Maria Inguanzo, SANIZAC

Practitioners of Earth Sciences

As part of Fresnillo plc's commitment to contribute to the formation of excellence of future professionals in Earth Sciences, an internship was formed for college university students across the country, who will have the opportunity to learn about the mining industry in real situations and amongst the most advanced operation offered by the sector. Every year, Fresnillo plc and Peñoles welcome a group of 54 young people, that over two months undertake professional practice in Fresnillo, Saucito, La Ciénega, Herradura, Soledad-Dipolos, Noche Buena and San Ramon as well as in different projects of exploration and mines of Peñoles. The young university students who joined to practice, study careers of geology, mines, metallurgy and topography, almost all in the last semesters. They come from institutions such as, 'Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico', 'Instituto Politenico Nacional', 'Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas', 'Universidad de San Luis Potosi', 'Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero', 'Universidad de Guanajuato', 'Universidad de Sonora', 'Universidad Autónoma de Ciahuila', 'Autónoma de Chihuahua' and 'Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo'.

This program is for 8 years and its importance is that students have access to the mining operation in real facilities, with the most advanced equipment and the guidance of experienced instructors.

Company Residents Meeting

As part of the company Human Resources strategy, that is "Have sufficient and competent personnel through the detection of talent from early stages", a presentation took place of the residents projects, with the aim of sharing real experiences and the knowledge learned during their stay in the mining units and exploration projects of Fresnillo plc, as well as increasing their loyalty to the organisation. Residents come from 'Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas', 'Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa', 'Instituto Technológico de Parral', 'Instituto Technológico de la Laguna' and 'Instituto Techonológico de Durango'.

Comments received from participants;

"For me Fresnillo plc is a good option for professional development".

"Such meetings, help us to understand the experiences of our colleagues and their projects".

"I feel part of this team, and I have the shirt on well for this company that is worth so much".

"I like to follow-up with colleagues, so we also know and commit ourselves to make an excellent role in the areas assigned to us".

The Technical Studies Centre (CETEF)

As part of our effort to develop personnel and support the expansion of the mining sector through academic alliances, we inaugurated the Fresnillo Technical Studies Centre with a first cohort of 22 students specialising in the operation of technical mining equipment. Most students are family members of employees from our mine unit. The educational plan includes a dual system that incorporates 80% of empirical training done in the Company's facilities and 20% of theoretical knowledge. Student housing was also inaugurated, with facilities such as recreational yard and dining and TV rooms.

"The inauguration of CETEF by Fresnillo is an excellent self-development opportunity for our students".

- Saul Herrera, Trainer, Minera Fresnillo